MaxMind.GeoIP2.Exceptions Namespace


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Type Description
AddressNotFoundException This exception is thrown when the IP address is not found in the database. This generally means that the address was a private or reserved address.
AuthenticationException This exception is thrown when there is an authentication error.
GeoIP2Exception This class represents a generic GeoIP2 error. All other exceptions thrown by the GeoIP2 API subclass this exception
HttpException This class represents an HTTP transport error. This is not an error returned by the web service itself. As such, it is a IOException instead of a GeoIP2Exception.
InvalidRequestException This class represents a non-specific error returned by MaxMind's GeoIP2 web service. This occurs when the web service is up and responding to requests, but the request sent was invalid in some way.
OutOfQueriesException This exception is thrown when your account does not have any queries remaining for the called service.