minFraud PHP API v1.21.0

Country extends AbstractModel
in package

Model class for the data returned by GeoIP2 Country web service and database.

See https://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/docs/web-services?lang=en for more details.

Table of Contents

$continent  : Continent
$country  : Country
$maxmind  : MaxMind
$raw  : array<string|int, mixed>
$registeredCountry  : Country
$representedCountry  : RepresentedCountry
$traits  : Traits


$continent read-only

public Continent $continent

Continent data for the requested IP address.

$country read-only

public Country $country

Country data for the requested IP address. This object represents the country where MaxMind believes the end user is located.

$maxmind read-only

public MaxMind $maxmind

Data related to your MaxMind account.

$raw read-only

public array<string|int, mixed> $raw

The raw data from the web service.

$registeredCountry read-only

public Country $registeredCountry

Registered country data for the requested IP address. This record represents the country where the ISP has registered a given IP block and may differ from the user's country.

$representedCountry read-only

public RepresentedCountry $representedCountry

Represented country data for the requested IP address. The represented country is used for things like military bases. It is only present when the represented country differs from the country.

$traits read-only

public Traits $traits

Data for the traits of the requested IP address.

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