minFraud PHP API v1.21.0

Asn extends AbstractModel
in package

This class provides the GeoLite2 ASN model.

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$autonomousSystemNumber  : int|null
$autonomousSystemOrganization  : string|null
$ipAddress  : string
$network  : string


$autonomousSystemNumber read-only

public int|null $autonomousSystemNumber

The autonomous system number associated with the IP address.

$autonomousSystemOrganization read-only

public string|null $autonomousSystemOrganization

The organization associated with the registered autonomous system number for the IP address.

$ipAddress read-only

public string $ipAddress

The IP address that the data in the model is for.

$network read-only

public string $network

The network in CIDR notation associated with the record. In particular, this is the largest network where all of the fields besides $ipAddress have the same value.

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