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Class Score






Optional Readonly disposition

disposition: records.Disposition

This object contains information about the disposition set by custom rules.

Readonly fundsRemaining

fundsRemaining: number

The approximate US dollar value of the funds remaining on your MaxMind account.

Readonly id

id: string

This is a UUID that identifies the minFraud request. Please use this ID in support requests to MaxMind so that we can easily identify a particular request.

Readonly ipAddress

ipAddress: ScoreIpAddress

An object containing information about the IP address's risk.

Readonly queriesRemaining

queriesRemaining: number

The approximate number of queries remaining for this service before your account runs out of funds.

Readonly riskScore

riskScore: number

This property contains the risk score, from 0.01 to 99. A higher score indicates a higher risk of fraud.For example, a score of 20 indicates a 20% chance that a transaction is fraudulent.We never return a risk score of 0, since all transactions have the possibility of being fraudulent.Likewise we never return a risk score of 100.

Optional Readonly warnings

warnings: Warning[]

This list contains objects detailing issues with the request that was sent such as invalid or unknown inputs. It is highly recommended that you check this array for issues when integrating the web service.

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