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Class Device

The device information for the transaction being sent to the web service. This object contains information about the device that MaxMind believes is associated with the IP address passed in the request. In order to receive device output from minFraud Insights or minFraud Factors, you must be using the Device Tracking Add-on.


  • Device






Optional acceptLanguage

acceptLanguage: undefined | string

The HTTP “Accept-Language” header of the device used in the transaction.

Readonly confidence

confidence: number

A number representing the confidence that the deviceId refers to a unique device as opposed to a cluster of similar devices. A confidence of 0.01 indicates very low confidence that the device is unique, whereas 99 indicates very high confidence.

Optional Readonly id

id: undefined | string

A UUID that MaxMind uses for the device associated with this IP address. Note that many devices cannot be uniquely identified because they are too common (for example, all iPhones of a given model and OS release). In these cases, the minFraud service will simply not return a UUID for that device.


ipAddress: string

The IP address associated with the device used by the customer in the transaction.

Readonly lastSeen

lastSeen: string

The date and time of the last sighting of the device.

Readonly localTime

localTime: string

The local date and time of the transaction in the time zone of the device. This is determined by using the UTC offset associated with the device. This is an RFC 3339 date-time

Optional sessionAge

sessionAge: undefined | number

The number of seconds between the creation of the user's session and the time of the transaction. Note that sessionAge is not the duration of the current visit, but the time since the start of the first visit.

Optional sessionId

sessionId: undefined | string

A string up to 255 characters in length. This is an ID that uniquely identifies a visitor's session on the site.

Optional userAgent

userAgent: undefined | string

The HTTP “User-Agent” header of the browser used in the transaction.

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