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Interface RepresentedCountryRecord

Contains data for the represented country associated with an IP address. This class contains the country-level data associated with an IP address for the IP's represented country. The represented country is the country represented by something like a military base. Do not use any of the country names as a database or dictionary key. Use the ID or relevant instead.




Readonly geonameId

geonameId: number

The GeoName ID for the country.

Optional Readonly isInEuropeanUnion

isInEuropeanUnion?: boolean

This is true if the country is a member state of the European Union. This is available from all location services and databases.

Readonly isoCode

isoCode: string

The two-character ISO 3166-1 alpha code for the country.

Readonly names

names: Names

An object of locale codes to the name in that locale. Don't use any of these names as a database or dictionary key. Use the ID or relevant code instead.

Readonly type

type: string

A string indicating the type of entity that is representing the country. Currently we only return military but this could expand to include other types in the future.

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