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Class representing the model of an "AnonymousIP" response


  • AnonymousIP




  • new AnonymousIP(response: AnonymousIPResponse): AnonymousIP
  • Instantiates an "AnonymousIP" using fields from the response


    • response: AnonymousIPResponse

      The GeoIP2 response

    Returns AnonymousIP


Optional ipAddress

ipAddress?: string

The IP address that the data in the model is for. If you performed a "me" lookup against the web service, this will be the externally routable IP address for the system the code is running on. If the system is behind a NAT, this may differ from the IP address locally assigned to it.

Optional Readonly isAnonymous

isAnonymous?: boolean

`true if the IP address belongs to any sort of anonymous network.

Optional Readonly isAnonymousVpn

isAnonymousVpn?: boolean

true if the IP address is registered to an anonymous VPN provider.

Optional Readonly isHostingProvider

isHostingProvider?: boolean

true if the IP address belongs to a hosting or VPN provider (see description of isAnonymousVpn property).

Optional Readonly isPublicProxy

isPublicProxy?: boolean

true if the IP address belongs to a public proxy.

Optional Readonly isResidentialProxy

isResidentialProxy?: boolean

true if the IP address is on a suspected anonymizing network and belongs to a residential ISP.

Optional Readonly isTorExitNode

isTorExitNode?: boolean

true if IP is a Tor exit node.

Optional network

network?: string

The network associated with the record. In particular, this is the largest network where all of the fields besides ipAddress have the same value.

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